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    Has anyone bought one of these boosters or used one, they have them on Pyramyd Air and it says that you just hook them to a shop compressor and they can boost it all the way up to 4500 psi and that they can either fill guns or tanks, I am wondering how long this booster will last and how well it will perform.


    Looks good being that it is so new, only time will tell the truth though.

    Try one out and post your review here Sir, PA has a good return policy. :winkn:

    A lot of up coming full compressors are joining in on the game at an affordable price.
    Great time for a newbie (not saying you’re one) to enter the world of PCPs and join the Unlimited Air Club.

    ~ Greg


    Looks like a similar principle as the Altaros booster. All I know is that you need a pretty powerful (close to professional, minimum 3hp, minimum bi-cylinder) shop compressor with a big tank and high output under max pressure to get acceptable fill times using a booster. The cost of the booster plus appropriate shop compressor come close to a Carette from China.
    Advantage though is that you don’t need cooling due to the relatively slow cycling.
    What I’m puzzled about is that you mix the inlet air with oil, you’d want a good separator + filter on the HP outlet side to get it out again, what do you think?!?


    I don’t know that is why I asked, I have been shooting air guns for a long time now. But I have always used a scuba tank or a hand pump, I have not had any experience with these boosters or the high pressure compressors. I would not know a good one from a bad.


    You’re right, no easy task. Take the time to go through the compressor section of this forum, some very good threads in which could help you make your choice.
    Guykuo has tested the Mrod and Carrette, Wingman (I believe) the Tuxing, myself and some other guys the Altaros booster. There are also reports on the pro diving gear like Bauer and Coltri.

    There’s different technologies, price and quality levels, as well as accessories such as filters. I think when having read through the section, you’ve got a good idea what fits your needs best.


    My new water pump came in! This booster is an awesome pump. Connect it up to any compressor which pushes the required CFMs and you will be filling your tanks with hydraulic oil AND water in minutes!!! Fill time is respectable, fairly quiet, cool running, actually came with a fill hose. The shipping box is the highest quality part of the purchase! VERY nice box, especially since it has CHINA printed on it. This isn’t the usual cheap flimsy Chinese cardboard we are used to seeing. This baby is solid! They could air drop these things in this box. All corners and sides are reinforced, the lid has a very strong surround, and the foam packing is first class. The unit is almost hard to remove from it. This particular unit is for sale! Anyone looking for a great discount on this rig, this is your chance! Trust me, you haven’t seen a box this solid anywhere!
    Oh, about the actual booster…don’t do it to your guns! There is no, and I mean NO customer support with these things! I gather that since it’s new they really don’t know anything about them yet. I suspect that after a few law suits they will become a bit more intimate with them though. They self lubricate with hydraulic oil! Yes, in the instruction booklet it tells us to fill with hydraulic oil! This oil is now inside my Texan and CF tank, along with a LOT of water. There is a water trap, better units are at harbour freight for $20. Upon opening the bleeder valve I got a blast of oily water! That’s what ya want in a 4500psi tank! Well, not YOURS but the guy across the street would be fun to watch!
    Really guys. I phoned AV 3 times, emailed twice. Got a blabbering answer from a kid in tech which answered nothing of the questions I posed. That took 5 days to get a reply. The booster idea is great for those of us with a compressor already, but go with the Altaros and forget this thing, unless you want the beauty of a shipping box! I might have forgotten, by the way there is NO customer support. Be warned.


    What a hell, where do you put oil in a booster? I’m speechless here, cant figure a one single place in my booster that I could put oil in.
    Would be good if you posted some pictures, would gladly see the… Fine box 😉

    Seriously sorry for your hard earned going in to chinese shit.



    The oil is specified as going into the dedicated oiler which is visible in the stock pictures on line. That will be the smaller of the two clear plastic units on the side. The first stage is the filter/ water trap. I’m setting up a desiccant in line between compressor and unit now. I am worried over the oil though. Silicone should be used I’m sure. This rig is well built, no question on that. My biggest concern is in rebuild parts. AV can’t answer simple questions concerning operation so I am now concerned about the eventual need for parts.

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