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    No doubt, my crop losses from varmints has dropped a lot since pcps came out. I resisted shooting squirrels out of peach trees with powder burners because the bullet would travel a mile or more, potentially dangerous. Shotgun? Try doing that in a peach tree!

    Out here, we have to control: Deer, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunk, rabbits, crows, raccoon, opossum and more. What’s more is that I’m not always growing plants just for food. Some are super rare, vanishing heirlooms. The giant butterbean, “Dr. Martin” is one of them and the tomato is an Italian type over 100 years old, “Mary Anne Billera’s Super Plum”. The flavor of these is superior, tops in their categories.

    Fencing can keep out deer and most rabbits. Air guns deal with the rest, at least until a bear gets involved.

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