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Was having withdraw symptoms because my pump broke for the third and final time. One week after using it the pump stops working. I have to take the pump apart and replace the o-ring on the brass cone valve since it was the wrong size from the factory. It was two big so the valve would get stuck. The pump works for about 7 months before it only pumps half the time. I take it apart and a brass nut is loose. I tighten it. It works but from taking it apart so many times the adapter strips the threads on the pump. I pump it to 1000psi and pop goes the bottle with the adapter off the pump. Are Air Force pumps junk are did I just get a bad one? I bought a Logun Eazi-glide pump from Pyramd which arrived today and what a difference. Hope it lasts. I finally get to shoot today yee ha!

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The Axsor-Logan pump feels like its pumping air through the whole stroke while the Air Force pump was only near the end of the stroke. The Air Force took twice as many pumps because I think it was only working intermittently . Where the Air Force adaptor screws to the pump is weak. Mine would leak at the joint so I kept it pretty tight. You have to be careful because it strips easily. The pump is soft aluminum. The Axsor has a large brass fitting that is stronger, harder to strip and seals better. I haven’t tryed the Hill pump. The Axsor seems pretty good I’m crossing my fingers. Also Blackops I didn’t do any maintenance on my pump it wasn’t even a year old.

Hope this new pump will work out for you!

And I really hope you were just unlucky with the Air Force air pump… I just bought one of these! 😯
I’m from Brazil and I won’t have access to warranty (paying to send the pump and bringing it back will cost almost a new one). Guess I should have bought a Hill pump… 🙁

So… overall, as you noticed, what’s the difference between them?

Sorry to hear about your bad luck! I have a Logan(I think) and have had no issues with mine but I havn’t used it all too much as I also have a SCUBA tank… pump works great though.

Do you lube yours up or anything? what maintenance do you do? what lubes? Divers Silicone?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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