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can one buy valve parts from air force, other than a whole valve? such as the brass end piece, or the valve stem, etc?


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Thanks cal

I gotta call them tomorrow and see if they will sell me the just the tank….

i am on the phone with airforce as i type….valve stem for the condor is 12.00, talon is 10.00, the brass fitting at the top of the valve (top hat end) is 10.00 for the condor, 8.00 for the talon, and the top hat is 12.00 for the condor and 10.00 for the talon.
i guess they will sell parts for them now.
can someone post about the differences between the condor and the talon valves? is it just the valvestem, spring and tophat that are different or is the complete valve redesigned on the inside?

Thanks John, Thats defintly different to what they told me !

I was a able to get some grub screws for tophat a few weeks ago. I could have gotten the whole tophat assembly but they were will to sell just the set screws. I aso bought bushings. I don’t know if this is any different policy or availability.

You be me by one minute.

Welcome to the TAF, Cal.

Have’nt spoke to them in a while but AF has always refused to sell seperate valve and trigger parts.

Maybe if enough of us call we can change that one day.


I called them a month or two ago to find out and they said that they can sell pretty much anything, except valve parts – BUT they were hoping to add valve parts to the list of parts available.

Maybe they sell them now, was a while ago I called so might be worth it.

Plus.. the more people call and ask for parts, Maybe the sooner they will realise there is a demand and get around to it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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