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    Saw this new airgun company from China on youtube and I have to say that they really impressed me with their line of new gun products.
    Trumps’ tax tariff is making it very hard for them to ship to the U.S. for now. When the tariff ends they should have no problem
    shipping their product state side. I really liked their HP Series, would like to get their HP Varmit in semi-auto with a 24″ , 18″
    and 14″ 25 caliber barrels. They say this gun is good to shoot 30 grain pellet out to 120 yards for small game, that would work for
    me and has a built-in moderator for noise reduction.



    They sure have a lot of combinations that you can put together. Not real sure how fast getting parts for them are going to be. The company’s and China sure rake in the cash for shipping charges.
    Oh and Welcome back Birdman!


    Seem like only people in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand got their guns

    The rest of the World is still waiting for these “vaporware” guns. Airguns should have arrive in July and non of their importers know when or what is coming. Its a shame. There very few videos or even pictures of there airguns out on the internet. Now they are telling us November is gonna be the day we should finally get their product.


    I think before I’d buy one, I’d wait to hear from other shooters to see their comments and how hard it is to get parts.



    I watched it until I seen the Marauder style spring-loaded magazine.
    NO SALE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    Thats the only part where there has not been an evolution in airgun development in years. There is only rotary, belt fed and single tray. These are all viable methods for shooting pellets, but for shooting slugs I would prefer a normal magazine. It work on the Caselman airmachine gun just fine and that was years ago.


    The first review of the AEA HP carbine semi-auto Spread the word.


    Hey guys, I just got 3 guns from this NEW company. The first one I tested, the Element, had the scope rail machined on crooked. So it shot 2 feet to the right. I told them I wasn’t even going to open the Varmint and Assassin they sent. ..waiting to hear back.

    DO NOT BUY!!!!

    -Nate @ Airgun Channel.


    Heard a very mixed reviews about these rifles..
    Thank you for the heads up.

    Jesus G Rodriguez

    Hi, I was recommended the AEA HP SS 25 over a TalonP, I was wondering if anyone has used the SS25 recently and has their been any updates.


    Thank You all for your time.




    Hey guys. I started this post maybe a year-and-a-half ago. I did not know a lot about air guns back then. It turns out even $1,500 guns have problems sometimes when they get sent to me from the manufacturers. Aea turned out to be a pretty good company. There are a lot of people who endorse their guns and I have seen some accurate shooting from them. I will be doing two videos on them this next month. I should not have been talking bad about their guns. I think they are probably good. Nate

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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