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    I have a new model TalonSS .22 cal. Presently I am averaging close to 800fps with the power wheel on three from 2600 to 1900 psi. I would like to lower the velocity to around 700 fps but don’t want to turn the power wheel down lower as it then shoots inconsistent. I also have an o-ring behind the tophat. Can you suggest a starting point?



    Not sure what pellet you’re shooting but how about you go to a little more heavy pellet?

    Least that’s one option! Easiest of all the options…

    You could also put the more restrictive top hat on the valve stem, more work involved with that though!

    Other idea you could do a delrin washer between your hammer and strike valve.

    Again that’s not a easy change and you have to keep that to where it stands up, you know when it’s loaded

    But the heavier pellet is a easy change and just go from one to the next wait to get what you’re after for his feet per second at the point of impact.

    Different hammer spring that would change things to where you’d get a softer strike and more controllable by being able to adjust your HST more and still get less feet per second. Big thing with the spring change would be more consistent shot to shot ratio with adjusting the HST up.

    That’s another pretty involved process if you have the right spring and getting that spring is a challenge if you don’t have one. Tony, here would be your best source of all the options you could choose from and or play with.

    I’ve messed extensively with the Air Force rifles long ago in the beginning of their rifles, and there’s all manner of things you can do with those things and wonderful to play with if you’re a gearhead.

    good luck with all that, hope something there I mentioned might give you idea anyway!

    Tony would be a wonderful source for any and all of those and probably other ideas as well.


    Thanks Rowdy, I’m shooting 14.3 gr. pellets and want to lower the power. Heavier pellets would give me more FPE which I don’t want. I think I am at a point that a top hat change may be necessary.


    The top hat can be adjusted somewhat, try screwing it in which would be toward the tank and that would keep it from hitting the air pressure so hard to get a full charge.

    Otherwise the 16 grain pellet would drop you right into where you want to go and what not but I understand about wanting to stay where your energy level is so that’s not a consideration.

    so there’s an allen set screw on that top hat when you take it loose from the rifle and just loosen that Allen screw and then try to turn that top hat inward and make small adjustments till you see if you can find a point where you can keep your HST pretty much where it is and get your air pressure expelled to a point where you get your feet per second down.

    Just one thing to be cautious of, tightening that set screw too much will dent that valve stem and because it’s real thin so don’t overdo that and if that adjustment is where you can’t adjust it anymore or you are still not get your feet per second down, see if Tony’s got you a top hat and valve stem that you could change out of that or just maybe a top hat but it’d be a lot easier to get you a top head and a valve stem, keep the full port one for heavier pellets and then get the more restricted one for your 14 grain pellet.

    Tony will be able to fix you up on that I’m sure.


    Thanks, I’ll try adjusting the top hat and if it don’t work I’ll give Tony a call.


    Just keep in mind you need to do this with pressure in the tank so that it helps keep the seat and valve stem in place so you can turn the top hat.

    The top hat once you loosen the Allen set screw it has a very fine thread so it’s real easy to adjust and I always used just the Allen wrench in the Allen set screw for leverage like a wrench if you will, to make the adjustment by screwing it in toward the tank to limit the discharge and then reset the set screw but don’t over tighten it that’ll collapse your valve stem bore.

    Worst case scenario, mess it up or whatever, with no outcome of adjusting to your feet per second of your pellet, you can get a hold of Tony and I’m sure he can set you up with stuff.

    One thing for sure these rifles can be adjusted from can to can’t and any velocity pretty much you require depending on your caliber and what you’re after.

    Good luck with your endeavor on this and mainly just enjoy all of it I hope. Always enjoyed building these rifle setup.





    If it is a new model it should have the Ring-Loc tophat. If so, buy the Ring-Loc kit for like $50 and you get a whole bunch of restrictors. Would work perfectly for you.


    Oh now that’s some new stuff since my day with those rifles and that sounds awesome…

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