AAA TalonP is full of surprises.

I bought this from Talon Tunes just before Christmas.


My primary reason for this purchase was simply to quietly deal with late night intruders in my chicken pen. Thats why you see the light on it.

I have not had to use it for its intended purpose yet, but did put a cheap 4x scope that I had laying around on it and was really surprised at how accurate and consistent it is at my 25 and 50 yard targets, so I sprung for a better scope that I mounted last night.

Here are my first 4 shots at 85 yards.


First shot was just sighting in. A quick adjustment gave me a three shot group that can almost be covered by a quarter.


I had no doubt that this gun would be accurate enough to dispatch a raccoon at 20 or 30 yards, but I was not expecting this. I’m really liking this gun!

TalonP (Pistol)
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