A non lead pellet that works!!!

At last I’ve ‘found’ a non lead pellet that seems to work. And in my Talon SS no less.

I’ve tried a bunch of .177s with nothing but problems. However, the .22 Dynamics (tin) pellet, model TM2 seems to be the exception. They’re expensive, over $20 for 350 from AoA (the only vendor short of the UK where they cost even more with shipping) but I shot a couple of sub half inch groups at 25 yards, as good as I normally do with JSBs.

I’m shooting low on the scale (about four IIRC), 780 fps with the 17 grain tin pellets, 760 or so with the 16 grain JSBs. It took a couple dozen shots to get going after the lead pellets, but the groups are real. I don’t know how it does at other speeds or ranges, but this much is most encouraging.

I shoot ‘field style’ from the bench, rest under my weak hand, gun on my shoulder. No doubt better could be done with bags and conventional bench technique. But for the time being I have an alternative should I get shut out due to using lead pellets, at least up close.

Doug Owen

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