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For those of you that have’nt had your gun down all the way. Or those of you looking for reason to buy a discovery…Let me tell you this it is not a standard 2260 barrel..I removed mine tonight for a recrowning job ( more on why later) first off when I put in in the lathe it was consistant. I spun it up to normal speed for crowning a 2260 and there was absolutley no woble ( most 2260 barrel are not very true ). Second I pulled out my Brownells crowning tool and guide I had made just for 22XX barrels would not fit..I took the barrel back out of the lathe and had a closer look.. The lands in these barrel are alot taller than the standard. Plus the inside is exceptionaly smooth and shiny…May have even been lapped..Another point of interest was the quality of the steel.. I had a nice little ribbon falling off as I recrowned the barrel ( decided to crown with acutting tool instead of making another guide ), this indicates a better qaulity of steel than the norm as well. Now for the why,, intial groups with various pellet showed that this gun would not shoot my favorite pellets but would shoot the cheap junk quite well.. i was aggrevated by the fact that I have never seen a gun that would’nt group CP’s into at least a 7/8″ group..This one would’nt..However the plain old Crosman pointed and flat point would make a nice little 5 shot clover leaf all day…While the gun was apart I took the time to make a flow thru bolt, put a better transfer port in and a few other tuning tricks…I gain an average of 15 fps and shot consistancy really tightend up….

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what barrels did you purchase,,,I found out the barrel used on the discovery is the same barrel as the 1760 and 2260 SE… I have 2 on the way in right now…I’m curious to see whta they look like

this was interesting to read since i bought a bunch of new crosman barrel yesterday and they seemd different , the rifling was dfferent then the 2240 / 2260 i had before , i dont know if crosman is trying to up there game a bit but i hope so , maybe all there guns will have better qualty ,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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