a dutch shoot 30-03

Hi guys,

last sunday we`ve had a shoot in Holland. Ochten is a small town in de centre of this country, about 220 km from my house.

We`re attending shoots quite regularly, there are shoots everywhere in Holland, the dutch airgunning forum publishes about the shoots and registration is taking place there too.

Ochten`s got 10, 25 and 100 meter lanes, about 80 attended the shoot, coming from all over the country. Early in the morning the try out of the 100 meter competition took place. Later that day the 100 meter lanes got reduced to 60 meters.

All kinds of everything as far as guns concerned showed up, a lotta Shinsungs, over 10 of `em, Talon and Condors, you name `em, we got them.

The 100 meter lane was the place to be, bigbores rule, noisy mofo`s, shooters grinning like they`re insane, fun!

I`ll post some pics.

See ya, Roel

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Hey Knifemaker,

I`ve been talking with the owner, Doc Maarten. Here are the specs of the Dragon.

He`shooting cal .490, 175 grain balls. They`re doing 264.2 meter per second, that`s 867 feet per sec and that`s an energy output of 291.5 footpound!

That`s one hard hitting sob! I`ve been shooting it regularly, the thing recoils like a springer with obesitas!

See ya, Roel


the big balls are actually .50, i`ll ask the owner how much fpe it does, it`s hefty, that`s for sure. The owner is known as Doctor Maarten, one of the best tuners over here.

Here`s a link for some more pics:



Yo! Mr. Big Balls!!! Is that .45? Must be putting out some serious fpe to deform like that at 100 meters!

Enjoyed the look into your shoot.



See them not a lot a bit high in price, the oriental rifles are less in price.

And a bit trouble to get good grouping with the right pellet.

But they looks good, i friend of my makes the stocks.

see: http://www.gunsandgunstocks.com/documents/132.html

I still be happy with my 30 ft/lbs old Stealth, did have a nice 80 yards hit on a Field Target rabbit last week. 😉

Very nice. No Beaumonts?

I was very sorry that I was’t there.

But you can’t have them all.

Did the same day a outdoor shoot, also a lot of fun.

Hey Adam,

myeah, it wasn`t a quiet day to be true. The low cieling of the lanes gave a nice echoeing of the shots fired.
I shot my Career straight from the bottle when the pressure was around 200 bar, the sound of the gun was devastating, pellets doing 1050 fps, de Career recoiling like it was a springer.

The Career on the 7th pic in the first post is mine. I told ya mine was souped up a bit some time ago, it was worth it.


That is quite the gathering. Lots of guns. I see the Career 300 there. I took mine down and gave it another trigger job and it is much smoother and lighter pull this time around.

I bet it was rather loud in there….LOL

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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