.458 Vulture shooting roundball at 200 yards today :)

.457 roundball at 200 yards.


Was able to shoot a number of roundballs through my Vulture today. Played with the mildots as well against a measured 5 ft at 100 and out where the target was.
With my scope LOS at 4″ and sighted for 100 yards POA/POI the roundball were 4 mildots low at 5x which in the end worked out to 53″
The last time I chronied the gun I was getting 1,000fps with the 143 grain Hornady RB.
A fill to 3000 and shot to 1600psi gave 6 real nice ones in approx 6″ group, next two about 4″ lower and the next two say 10″ lower than the ‘good’ six.
Shot it at 100 yards to confirm POI and was pretty much right on POA.

Would any of this make sense through Chairgun or other? I do not have access to any ballistics software at present. (borrowed pc)
Thanks fellas.

BTW the shooting was a great deal of fun.
I am preparing my stuff for LASSO 2008

Merry Christmas all

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looks like fun.

Voltar, have you ever thought about making a condor pistol?

quote cw:

How about a photo of the gun?

I much rather hear a mp3 file of a 143 grainer hitting something, perhaps a feral cat for DH.

Here is one:

could be the first scratch built ‘condor’ out there as far as I know anyways

How about a photo of the gun?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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