4500 CF tank from Mac1

Several years ago I had several fireman tanks I used in paintball but gave them to my friends in LA because no place local would fill them at the time. Now due to paintballs popularity more places then ever are filling these tanks. I decided to start looking for a CF tank and lo and behold Tim McMurray post he has some for sale for a killer deal. So I place my order and go brave the L.A. traffic. I pick up a 4500 tank and necessary connectors. While I was there he was taking a call from a customer talking about a Condor and its connectors. Man I was happy to hear that because I completely forgot about that tank. So for a few more buck I got a Talon tank connector with male foster and a male-male adapter to fill with.

Very cool the tank is in great shape and the connectors are well made and work great. Thanks Tim!

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I got the same tank setup from MAC1 too. Mine is 88 cu.

I paid $580 shipped to Canada.

I do think it’s a great investment 🙂

I got over 50 refills when my condor.


It is a 44cu ft tank a 66 or 88 would give many more fills.

From a 44 cu ft tank it will give about 5x more fills then a scuba.

A 44 cu ft tank at 4500psi will fill the Talon Tank from 2000psi to 3000psi 12x.

The way I plan to use it is to use my scuba to fill the bulk and then use the CF tank to top off.

Now even when my CF tank reaches 3000psi I still get partial fills.

I forgot to ask this. Approx. how many fills will your set up provide for a Condor bottle?


quote dirty harry:


How much $$ for the set up?


$100 4500psi 44cuft tank
$140 connector and and hose
$25 Condor adapter or $10 with trade in
$10 for double male adapter


How much $$ for the set up?


I wish I lived out there so I could get one of those 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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