42gr. PEJ’s now available from…

Pyramydair. I just noticed this and thought I would share it with everyone else.
42gr. PEJ

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I guess I dont understand the relevance of why this sluggo person is such a great guy etc – did someone on this thread say something bad about him? ALl I thought it was about was some new pellets offered by pyramid air lol.

Sorry about that TxWatcher91……. my harshness was not directed at you at all. I got off track. My Bad.


And we thank you for that. It’s always nice to have other options available, and the choice of where to shop.

I am sure Sluggo is a great guy to deal with, I never questioned that, I was just pointing out another source that people could get these pellets from since they are so popular.

Yeah, Sluggo is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!

There has been occasion where good forum members have purchased items on line from other forum members. Purchases made in good faith. Money sent yet no product delivered. Always a million fucking excuses. It has happened to me. It has happened to others. Sure…. I took a chance when I bought off Sluggo since I know him not. Dude was rock solid and delivered. I buy tons of stuff from PA. They are an awesome company to do business with. Sluggo came thru like a Man is supposed to. No exceptions. Or you are not a Man. His word was good. I’ll buy my next batch of pointed .25’s off him.

Truth is this. I don’t give a fuck how much money anybody has or anything else for that matter. The ONLY thing a Man has in this life is his Word. If you’re not good for your word then you are a worthless piece of shit to me.


I similarly purchased said pellets from Raman-Sluggo and thought him an excellent person to do business with.
The pelletholder I ordered from Pyramidair has been on backorder since October, JSB’s since September.
I think Ill do business with Sluggo when I have a choice.
We seldom get a chance to reward someone deserving for just a couple of bucks. That’s a real bargain.

I’ve bought 10 tins and a rifle from Sluggo. He’s been nothing but helpful. I also know that money doesn’t grow on trees and if there’s a good deal out there, it’s worth letting people know.

I’ve never bought from Sluggo as I never had a .25, but he has always been very well thought of in my opinion, and he has always offered to send me a tin or two off his own back and out of his pocket so that I can take a look at them, and that speaks for the man.

It sounds like a good deal but here is my take. Sluggo provided these EJ’s at an extremely reasonable price for us for a long time. Way before PA had them that I am aware of. Sluggo shipped me 10 tins almost a year ago ($80.00) and his word was rock solid. I paid… he delivered like clockwork with email’s as well. That my friends is the only way to conduct business. I’m all for saving a couple bucks.. and you can correct me if I’m wrong.. but I think Sluggo laid out his own cash for the special production of the pellets he has so graciously offered to us. I’d bet too that Sluggo didn’t exactly retire on the money he made off those pellets.

Just my 2 cents.


Yeah that is a great deal. I’m low and need to stock up.

Could be, but it seems like he might be taking quite a hit in the wallet if that’s the case. I know from talking to him on the phone, that he has quite a few tins, but I don’t know what he paid for them to begin with.

My guess, and it is just that, is that maybe Sluggo is the supplier to Pyramid, given that the 42 Grainers were no longer made and he and his friend (if my memory is right) paid for a batch to be made at the factory.

Wow, that’s not a bad deal. For $6.30 a tin, if you order 10 tins, after you enter a coupon code for 10% off and figure shipping, it’s still cheaper than what Sluggo is offering for 10 tins at $80 bucks shipped. Sorry Sluggo! Total at Pyramyd comes to $55.91 for 10 tins. WOW… WHAT A DEAL!!!

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