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257 Tank / Valve Setup

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    What is everyone using these days? I have a 257 Condor project I just restarted and I’m curious what tank (3000 / 4500) everyone is using and what valve is the best out there?




    Nobody? Nuttin’? Zero?


    Most that want power use my valve, hammer spring, and hammer setup.

    With 28″ barrel you will see 1000+ fps with 74 gr. Get the 3600 psi tank and you will see 1060 fps give or take.


    I think it’s your stuff that’s already in the gun I bought a couple of years ago and am just now working on.


    No worries…
    The Dyotat .25, .257, .30 and .308 Custom Made Valves, Breeches, and TJ barrel work all still reign the supreme and most kickass of most any Airforce Tuner build you may often see put together.
    Not alot of choices for Tank…. Get one of Tony’s USDOT CF TANKS, or buy Chinese uncertified CF TANK or find Rare Paintball with 18×1.5mm thread or
    Overfill your stock AF Alum Tank,
    I go the full 3450 that my steel scuba will give it. I fill my own scuba and my 3450 is filled much cooler and denser than when I am shooting (I have nice tower dryer for breathable air, gotta watch for condensate when chill fill*)
    I shoot with my stock Condor Tank and Dyotat full .257 Valve w/spinlock, tethered to a very dense “3450” fill …..
    The Stock tank is seeing the full unregulated pressure of my 80cu.ft Steel DIN Scuba Tank usually sitting in the sun. My gun never drops lower than 2900-3000 psi! Obviously, a fully rated tank and properly rated burstdisk would be advantageous to say the least….
    So yeah get the Tony CF Tank and drop Doug’s valve in it, thats a no brainer.
    Really for the most part its Doug’s complete build that are the ones you will see at the top of the pack. Even the “record” longest air rifle shot placed on target utilized a Dyotat Valve even if it was built by a trick precision competition pro gunsmith, it was Doug’s basic blueprinted engine inside.
    Not being a shill, just given credit where it is due…
    I am not sure Doug is really looking for more work,,,
    But if ya got some of his stuff you are fortunate indeed, what more do you need? I believe he is on here and is approachable too. 😉


    Yes he is. We have been conversing the last week about the gun. I think I’m going to get an Etac and use a PB bottle. I too have a compressor and bulk 4500 psi tanks along with some scubas. (I used to own a paintball field)

    Gonna end up having a custom F class stock made if the Paintball tank and Etac work.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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