.25 w/ condor valve, how many shots

Question for everyone else shooting .25s:

How many CONSISTENT (+- 50 fps) shots on a single fill with Kodiacs?

What are your starting/ending tank fill pressures for the same string?

I would like to end up with a bell curve for 25-30 shots with velocity starting about 950 up to 1025 and back to 950. Is this too much to ask ofthe gun? Should I narrow my velocity/shot count goals to an extreme spread of 50 fps and accept a lower shot count of 15-20?

I am very happy with my setup now, but just seems like its using too much air and not quite as consistent as I would like.


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no one else with any pointers for fine tuning a .25? shot count, air usage, etc?

I should have said, I can get 35 shots with about 100fps spread, start 850,max 950,back to 850 start 2500psi end 1500psi.


20 shots start 850, high 1049 end 950fps starting 2700psi end 1800psi first five shots go up fast to about 980fps, stabilize for about 8 shots over 1000 fps then nice even decline with each shot loosing about 25 fps. until I quit shooting. Works out to about 50 psi per shot and if starting over 2600psi valve is not consistent for first 5-10 shots.

I think its possible, you’d have to start with adjusting the tophat and see if you can get it close. If so then its a matter of adjusting the pre-load on the PW. If not you may have to try changing out the valve spring to get the desired result. The 75fps spread would be easier then 50fps to achieve and would give you a better shot count for sure. Its doable, but requires patience and some experimenting.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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