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does anyone know if .25 would be ok on Co2, if i were to buy a 18″ barrel would it give more fpe than .22, im sure the fps drop pretty quick when shooting a heavy .25 pellet, i guess im asking if anyone knows the fps of .25 in an 18″ barrel on Co2. im looking for more energy on Co2

Talon/Talon SS

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You probably noticed that the CO2 adaptor already uses a Condor valve, so while you can mod it a bit, it’s already putting out more co2 than you can use in 12″ of barrel. An 18″ barrel is a good idea reguardless of caliber if power is your goal (and 24″ even better).

Haven’t used an AirForce in .25…have run other co2 rifles with 22 and .25 barrels of the same length (in this case, 16″). The .25 did show a gain in energy over the .22, but not a great big gain (going from .22/13.5foot pounds to 25/14.8FPE).

You probably also noticed that these guns cool off fast with a 12″ brrel. making the pace of your shooting (more time between shots) important to getting the best consistancy. That big hollow chamber not only quiets the gun, but by doing so it retains that cold gas longer, which tends to cool off the chamber quickly ( with out it, using a long barrel, the gas just vents…loudly., but a lot less of the cool of it is absorbed by the rifle.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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