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    its been some time. I am surprised this forum still excists. Great! Lotsa things happened since the last time ive been here. Airgunning is the only thing that didnt change. Had a lotta guns since then, sold most ofm when i needed money to buy me anothe gun. I`m glad those days are over. What i have now are:
    BSA Techstra .22, had it when i as here for the last time,
    Shinsung Career III 300 .22, had that one too in 2014
    Another Shinsung Career III 300 .22
    Shinsung Career Dragon .50,
    Shinsung Fire 201 .357,
    Shinsung Career Infinity .22
    The Koejak or the 111 euro gun (Daystate stock, BAM action, Hatsan .25 barrel)
    The UZGOOB .308
    BSA SuperTen .22
    Cometa Lynx MK1 (restored by the Cometa Factory)
    Logun S16s in .22
    the Blue Benchrest .25
    Diana Model 48 in .177
    Air Arms TX200HC .177
    Gamo MC Super .177
    QB 78 in .177
    BSA Lightning with aftermarket gasram in .177
    BSA Airsporter MK1 .22
    Cometa Fusion Premier Sta GP .22
    Weihrauch HW90 in .22

    and……………….(and that is what i am here for)

    I bought a Talon SS. A .22.


    Best regards, Roel


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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