22 rim fire bullets in a condor

did anyone have any success using them in their condors?

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I tried shooting the 22 rimfire bullets today at the range. It shot ok but not the best. One bullet got a little jammed and almost caused a valve dump until I pushed the bolt forward.

LEE Precision will make a custom size sizer die for $24 + $5 s/h, 7/8″-14 threads. You’ll need any cheap reloading press.
I use one of those for smoothing out machine-pulled surpus .50 bullets.
There are also different ones made for just for sizing/swaging cast lead bullets, I haven’t used one of those.

Right on, thats the way to go if you already have a valve body.

I have tried the .22lr rounds as well, serious penetration. Never tried them at distance for accuracy. Just cheap lead 36g rounds. What one needs is a sizer which would allow for a guy to shave a .001 or so of the backend of the bullet. Isn’t this nearly the same as eley Wasps? The Remington 22lr blazers i pulled have a boat tail rear. Anyone up to making a sizer to shave some lead off?? Be a nice little tool if accuracy proves out. Cheaper then pellets as well, bet alot of guys would be willing to pull their own bullets and size them. Wicked 30-40g range bullet and a blodnob or condor valve would give a guy alot of power. Take mid size varmints no problem. Cygs, you up to making a sizer???

quote randyhub:

Well any of you that own a Talon and want to boost the power from around 26 ft lbs to 50-60 ft lbs of the Condor or an older Condor with valve power spiking problems, Airforce has yet another inexpensive option for those on a budget.

Instead of paying 105.00 for a new complete Condor valve you can just spent around 45.00 and get a valve upgrade kit. You get the new components including the spring and delrin insert for a REASONABLE budget sensitive cost. 😀

To get the most out of your lower powered Talon you will need the parts (hammer weight shown too) plus a 24″ barrel. Barrel blanks are also so very cheap for this platform at around 85.00 or machined choked Lothar barrels from Pyramyd Air for:

24″ choked Lothar Walther Barrel
.22 caliber
Fits all AirForce guns

Info Buy Item#:AFU1032-24Bar22 $149.95

And if you want low powered plinking fun and too many shots to count you can buy this CO2 valve assembly screw on a paintball tank as well and away you go!

Fits all AirForce guns
Over 1,000 shots per CO2 tank
Ideal for shooting indoors
Easy to switch back to air
No handpump or scuba tank required
Quieter operation
How to switch from high-pressure air to CO2:
Unscrew your AirForce air tank from your rifle
Screw in the CO2 adapter into your rifle
Screw in the filled tank into the other end of the adapter
Start shooting!

Item Description Quantity Price
AirForce CO2 Adapter, Fits Condor, Talon & Talon SS. Other products by AirForce


So if you are on a budget and want the most bang for your buck and own an Airforce platform here is what you need to do a simple 100% power gain or a CO2/HPA paintball tank plinker option all in one gun.

Have fun.

Randy 😈

what parts did you get for the 45 bucks ?

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll look into buying light weight bullets and see how well they work. My new valve will soon arrive from Airforce. I’m hoping to see better results from it. I paid $45 for the parts rather than $100 for the entire valve shipped.

i did back when i had my first condor, power wasnt as good as with pellets at close ranges, accuracy never was good enough for me to dare put the chrony out at 50y…..i figure they have too much friction in the barrel….might be able to find some that are better than others

as long as your using lead .22, your barrel will be fine, dont start using coppercoated or copper jacket stuff

i wonder if we got a .22lr barrel, if they would do better….some of the condors out there have the power to push them out fast enough

i chronied my .22lr(TC r-55 sporter) with subsonics and the avarage of the stuff i tried was 85 fpe….that should be possible with a PCP

is it bad for the barrel? do you know what kind of velocity or accuracy it had?

the answer to this is no lol i tried a couple and they were crap

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