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22 or 25 cal.

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    Looking at buying my first PCP. Looking at the condor. Question is 22 or 25 cal, SS or non SS. Target shooting and some small pest control.


    If i had to do it again I would wait another month and pick up a gen 2. Benjamin Fortitude. Has a Regulator for consistent shots, not a single shot, weight around 5+ pounds and the cost is $299. Also just as accurate. My 2 cents Last but not least it has a smaller air tank that can easily be filled with a hand pump.


    Depends on where you will be shooting and your balance of target plinking and pest removal. The non-SS Condor is really loud and very powerful. I tamed my 25 with Talon Tunes silencer and top hat. Makes it backyard friendly, but you must have a solid backstop. It is powerful.

    I wanted a super quiet rig after having the 25 as my first “real” PCP. So I got a Condor SS in 177 and added Talon Tunes silencer, top hat, and brass hammer. Turns out the silencer is not needed on the SS. But turned down to low power with 10 grain pellets and the brass hammer it is super quiet and kills starlings dead at 10-15 yards no problem. Larger animals like squirrels and rock doves (aka pigeons) require a perfect headshot with 177. So if I am
    going after those I reach for the 25. But be realistic about how much you will kill animals and shoot targets. If you are 99% shooting targets, save money and get a 177. As the spectrum increases into hunting/pest control consider 22 and 25. Or if you love surgical headshots, 177 does the job.

    I’d say a generic middle of the road starter into the PCP world would be a Talon SS in 22 caliber. If you don’t mind a very long gun, get the 24 inch barrel Condor or Talon and add Tony’s silencer or another brand of your choosing and his adjustable top hat or the new airforce system. Long barrels are the way to go with airguns. Depends on budget and your desires there.

    Consider how you will be charging your PCP. I use a hand pump and enjoy the physical effort of using the pump. It is good exercise. I’m also 6’2 and 200 pounds. Mi esposia is 5 foot and tiny, she can’t even push it down all the way. If you want ease of use with a hand pump, something like a Benjamin Discovery is a better choice. They are still really loud without a silencer however. Hand pumping a 500cc airforce tank from 0 to a full charge is a straight up work out! I did it tonight after replacing the o-ring in my fill valve.

    I only have a few airguns and the 25 caliber Condor with Tony’s top hat system and silencer is easily my most deadly for small game. I have several high quality 22 long rifle firearms and I would put the 25 airgun up against them for hunting inside 50 yards all day long. And with a silenced PCP you don’t need hearing protection.

    Post up or send a private message if you have a bunch of questions. Diving into PCP airguns is a can of worms. I’ll be happy to give you my perspective as an old powder gun guy that got into the PCP airgun world a few years ago. I’m actually planning to sell off some of my powder guns to take this airgun thing a little farther.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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