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    Yes. The Versys was my 18th motorcycle in about five decades. The improvements are incredible over the years. The ECM (computer) controls everything now. The reliability of the Japanese bikes is phenomenal.

    Legend is amazingly smart and forgets nothing. The smartest dog I have ever met and I used to take care of dozens of show dogs in high school and train them. We have always had dogs and have attended many agility competitions at the Purina farms nearby.

    He knows about twenty commands and they say he can learn over one hundred and he remembers and executes chains of commands. He often operates off of my facial expressions and hand movements. He senses your emotional state like if you are on a phone call. If you seem worried or concerned he may come over and put his nose in your hand. Sometimes I think I am watching an episode of Lassie from the 60s where a lot of it was staged. lol

    My wife watches some of things he does after he thinks about things for a while on his own and just shakes her head. He is only nine months old and decided to stack his toys up next to his bed one day. He gathered about a dozen of them (all of them) up. We wondered if he was cleaning? :rofl: Actually, he is a bit scary being so intelligent. He will sit with his head on the bed if I am asleep and not bother me until I stir if he wants to go out. My wife said she was going to start filming him because people won’t believe some of the things he does. I am waiting for him to start talking. 😛 He is ultra alert to anything we do and ultra sensitive yet he is not fearful. He was heavily socialized to everything as a pup and trained daily by me. You can’t go into another room without him. He is very friendly and harmless but growls at anything outside he sees that is unusual to give an alert. If he wants you to go look he will come and hit your hand with his nose and stare at you. It’s a bit bizarre. Whatever I do he is watching very carefully and he sets up routines and patterns he remembers and follows.

    The only negative to the dogs is they need to be brushed once a week but actually shed very little most of the time and they need some heavy duty exercise every day (sheep herders). I established a pattern with him where he runs figure eights in front of me at a good clip for at least 20 minutes every day. He loves that and begs to do it every evening – even in the dark. He may not be great in an apartment unless you are always home and can exercise him regularly. They are high energy but not hyper. He also sprawls out on the couch.


    This site just can not get any better.
    I been everywhere, In Mexico, USA , Canada, fifty one years riding the roads . The big 5 year ride got cut short due to health, Five months before the departure date , I came down with adult onset asthma very bad , Passing out bad ,O2 , and big drugs bad, Ten years in the planning and savings , I got cut short, After four years I can just now go an the ADV sites and look around, Not pissed , Not mad , Just a little sad, It did bring me to the PCP world.


    If they get that asthma thing under control the Versys 300 is perfect for us older gents. It rides great but is ultralight weight. My 5’4″ wife pushes it around the garage effortlessly. It also cruises at 75 comfortably and still has passing power.

    The best of everything. lol

    motorcycles/power sports
    R/C / Flying
    Dog and a cat
    two spoiled grandkids

    If I had more room a side-by-side would be a riot as well.

    I rode both bikes about 1000 miles in total last week. It’s been a 10,000 mile year between the bikes.

    Martin brown

    I used to love sports bikes, but after riding and fun with Dirt bike My passion got changed into Dirt bikes, now I have two dirt bikes and a Ram 1500 truck which I use for 24 Hour Towing in New York, I have installed the hitch carrier back on my truck I bring my bike to mountain areas and ride there, this is got my passion.

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