20 cal barrels

Anyone ever use them in their condors yet? If so, how well do they compare to .177, .22 or .25?

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I’ve had great results with my .20 Condor. Just working on getting to know it but everything I’ve shot dies.
Mike 17670

Chimp; Keep us posted as to what you find to be the problem. It doesn’t sound like the problem lies with the sighting system. You’ve elimated that possiblity. Ergo, the problem most likely lies within the rifle as you’ve stated.

Regarding your new avitar. Chimps in black rule! Way too cool. AKULA

Thanks for the advice.. I was thinking of doing that. Any advice with the POI? I’ve been told it was my scope – but I’ve been through, Banner, Swift and another Banner. All performed the same.
The guy who did the bushings did not correctly index the 90 for on of the holes were the frame screws contact the barrel. I’ve hogged out the bushing hole in question so there is no binding. I’ll have another set made soon – who knows that might be the culprit.
Sounds like allot of other TSS/Condor POI stories

Take that valve spring and lighten it a bit. Maybe 75-80% of original compressive strength, should get you to a 3000psi operating pressure with the factory hammer/s.

AKULA – thanks for the fashion advice. Got to admit, I did not notice the pretty pink dress. Changed to look now – hope you approve.
Back to the 20
The new valve likes 2800 psi and will not open with a 3000 PSI fill with my stock condor hammer. I have had a 110 grain hammer but did not like the way it made the gun feel. Maybe I should try the 75 gr hammer.
So my operating pressure range were I shoot is 2800 – 1600.
I recently put new Al bushings on the barrel and a new shroud on the TSS. This has changed the POI, the gun is not consistent and every so many shots a flyer here and there. This weekend I’ll strip down the rig, clean parts and reassemble. Yes, the frame was polished and the trigger tuned. I’m guessing I might have some tightened the barrel incorrectly, loading one bushing verses another or it’s the sheer issue you guy’s have been seeing.

Hmm? I was thnking of going to the new Condor valve, and then d-tune. I’ve seen some impressive numbers as far as both veloocity, and number of shots this way. But on the other hand, I’ve read that people are having a herd time with consintincy when the hammer is dialed down. I don’t know which way to go! I noticed on some of the shot strings here that with a low fill, (Looking at some of the shot strings half way thru the string), that there is a lot of shots at good velocity in the 2000 to 2500 psi range when using a condor valve in the .22. Even better than a hot rodded talon valve. Any one have any imput on this.

Looks like any way I go, I am going to have to spring for a Carbon Fibre tank. I can’t get many fills from a 3000 psi scuba, even at 2700 or 2800 lpsi. However, If I can fill a condor valved tank to 2300 or 2500 psi, acording to the strings I’m seeing here, It would save me a lot of money! I could stick with the 3000 psi. scuba. Seems the condor valve does well at lower fill pressure, while still giving high vilocity. I am shoothing for 950-1000 fps. with Kodiaks in the 18″ .22 bbl. What say you all:???

Thanks Mike

Chimp; Why would you change your avitar? That’s a cute pink dress you’re wearing. Are you looking for something in black? Many chimps cherish their ‘Little Back Dress’ but I don’t think that would work for you. Have you considered something in scarlet? I think that’s your color. After all, it hides the blood from our kills. Nothing like good camoflage! AKULA

Anyone know how to resize the avatar? Or I’m better off removing it after you all get a laugh out of it. LOL

Guy’s I’ve converted my TSS to 20 call last year. Lemark did the work – top notch. I switch back and forth from a modified talon to the new condor valve. The Talon valve is more conservative on air and likes Crossman 14.3 gr pellets. The condor valve shoots YunJins at 980 fps (detuned) but the uses more air then I think it should. I drop ~5-8 fps per shot. I’m using an old stock condor hammer.
I got a chrono now so I’ll post some #.

When you get your valve things will definately change. Might have to consider .25 or shorter barrels. 😆 I know from experience, 45+fpe with my 12″ .22 thats smoking 8)

Dave try using “Macro” or on my camera it looks lile a “flower” this lets me take crystal clear pics as close as around 2 inches! definitely like to see some “Dun-Dum EunJins”!


Dave , when you say Hi Flow valve, is it a hot rodded stock valve or the newer Condor valve? MIke

Hey Guys
I have the .2 barrel ( 20″ ) on my Talon. It has the hi-flow value and brass hammer. With the power wheel at 6 I get 960 fps, using the enjin 23grs, (47 foot pounds), but only 15 – 20 shots. .

It is a beaut on rabbits, pheasants and geese out to 70 metres. longest shot was +100 metres on a rabbit. My problem is that rabbits and pheasants give me a straight through (even at 80 metres). I am working on a expanding pellet using the engin so that the blighters “sit down” and I don’t spend valuable time trying to find them in the dark.

Will post pictures and accuracy report of the “dum dum”work to date when I can get my camera to focus.

Ths standard value gives me 940 fps with the JSB’s and 50 odd shoots. Sean is busy with my bloodnob valve then the rules will change again


Sounds interesting! I would think that the longer the bbl. The longer the valve could remain open. My 12″ Bbl. is louder than the 18″. I’m thinking that the valve is still open as th projectile is just leaving the bbl.. or just before. Causing an excess waste of air. It is quieter with the 18″ when a comparable shroud is used. Even though it is putting out more fpe.


Depends on the hammer weight and barrel length. With the lighter spring a stock hammer is great, even with the modded valve stock spring hammer works great, i tested it against my 75gram hamer. The heavier hammer just holds the valve open a bit longer.

With a lighter valve spring you’ll have to decrease the tophat evenmore. Last one i did tophat ended up at .058 this is with a spring of about half the compressive strength over the factory one. It could be turned in further i’d guess .056-.054. This will depend on the spring you choose. Mine was exactly the same in dia, length only the wire dia was smaller. I’m also going to experiment with a lighter hammer as well, maybe start by knocking off 10 grams. Whatit all equals is alot less wear and tear. I have hear of guys running no springs in their valve. The only problem with this is the potential for valve dump after the tank reaches a certain pressure 1000psi?? CygsX would know

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