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    Is anyone running this setup that could post some numbers for me?

    I’m seriously kicking around the .25 thing, but would like to get rid of some length and hoping the 18 incher will still have the devastating knock down thump as the 24″


    Tony use to have some numbers posted on his site with both the talon valve, and a Condor valve. Can’t remember if it was 18″ or his 21″ bbl. I do rember that numbers were around 780-90 for the talon valve, and 980-90 for the condor valve in the .25. I also can’t rember if this was with the kodiak or ej pellet. Or even if the talon valve had been modified. Not much help I know. May be Tony will see this and chime in!!! Hopefully he will have it back up on his new site! MIke


    YNs research.
    he got a .25 and cut it to find fps per inch.

    The 18.5 inch .25 cal barrel gets 930 fps with Kodiaks for just under 60 fpe.

    The 21 inch .25 cal got on average 970 fps for around 64fpe.

    And the full length 23.75″ inch as shown above was 1012 max for just under 70 fpe.

    This is with an un tuned condor tank…. Numbers shown here should be used in relation to each other and not the absolute numbers someone would get.

    Seems to be around a 13-15fps gain per inch.


    I recommend you keep the fps at 900- 950 for accuracy ..Bear

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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