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    😮 I am really surprised at how well my new condor .177 shoots. JSB heavy,2800 fill,standard tank,stock tophat setting,power wheel at 6,worst group-15 shot 1.2″ at 28 yds, it was 30 farenheight ,dark and I’m sure I wasn’t looking straight through scope. Best group, shots 41-45 grouped .75″ctc at 50 yrds kneeling,and only droped 1.25″ from 28yrd zero. A couple of 5 shot .4″ at 28yrds. Shots 73 -75 grouped .2″ at 28 yrds. and only .5″ below 28 yrd zero. Dont know velocity yet, but shoots 0-65 really seemed to twack my backstop at 28 yrds. Simmons .22 mag 3X9 non AO, (objective is focused at 50 yrds. ) Shooting done at 6X.


    I can’t believe the pellets aren’t going supersonic. The condor puts out alot of air, just don’t understand how the shots remain stable. Sounds like dam good offhand shooting though.


    Don’t forget I’m using a standard tank, not the high flow. Only the 50 yard groups were shot without a rest. I’ve shot 75 shots now and can still shot more! Can’t wait till I get the micrometer tank back from AF, bet it shoots 125 hard shots.


    Just out of curiousity I wonder how fast one could get one of those .177 Condors going. I’m not saying it would be any where near accurate enough for s**t.

    My mind just wonders… say, a Blodnob valve, running helium, with a 24″ barrel shooting Beeman Lasers or cleaning pellets… haha.


    I would venture a guess at 1400+ pretty easily. PBA’s would undoubtably go faster still.

    Like you said thou, wouldnt be usable for much beyond about 20yards.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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