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Don’s stories just do not make sense….(LONG STORY of the fight) and I think he makes them up to rationalize what he has done. And if it is true Denskin fed Don a story then it is sad, because he had no idea what was going on. Don never liked me due to the fact when he asked for an open forum discussion on matters I gave him my opinion. He did not like it that it was contrary to his. But the facts are he removed many of the changes he initially made and put the TOG back to the way I recommended.

When Don started a campaign against Anthony266 and start to drag his reputation through the mudd on the open forum I would not tolerate it. Anthony would not take Dons bait and fight with him on the open forum and be lured into a lopsided power struggle. He sat quietly as Don daily used his power an influence to do harm to Anthony’s character and reputation. I could not take it anymore so I started to inquire as to the false claims being made against Anthony and we all saw they were just that FALSE. But Don was more then happy to use anything to damage Anthony. Don had a grudge against Anthony back from the Oykas days. Don even stated when he bought the TOG he would bury the hatchet with Anthony and not hold a grudge, well we all know where he buried it, in Anthony’s back.

As Don was posting daily about Anthony I stood up to Don with the facts. He did not like that and kept slapping me down trying to shut me up. I at no time swore at Don or called him names. I was debating with him giving him points of facts that he was not aware that I knew. Anthony was watching all of this and was grateful I was the only one to step in to defend him at the time. So he sent me a copy of a PM he sent to Don showing what he said to Don. Within minutes of Anthony sending the PM to Don, Anthony was deleted. Not only deleted, he and his 2600+ post and all related post instantly disappeared from the TOG. Don made the claim Anthony had threaten him in a PM. Well since I too had that same PM sent to me I knew the truth and confronted Don with it. Teflon Tron quickly jumped into the debate and told Don deleting accounts is not the way to handle the situation. Now remind you in all of this Anthony would not be baited into a confrontation with Don on an open forum and so Don was finally able to act on his old grudge and besmirch Anthony and delete him from TOG history. Anthony was a founding member and moderator of the TOG.

Now on the forum ,Teflon Tron and I Walk on king, we were able to question Dons methods and tactics on the deletion of Anthony and Don would not have it. He kept making accusation against Anthony and I kept reminding him I knew what Anthony wrote him in the PM. What Anthony wrote and Don claimed as a threat was this statement “Don, people in the airgun community have emailed me and told me they are disappointed on how this is being handled and they will be watching the situation”. Don went ballistic and claimed that Anthony threatened him. When I confronted Don and saying I knew what Anthony had said to him he went ballistic on me threatening me with deletion and then he deleted the entire thread showing I knew what was said.

Teflon Tron was right there making points and trying to tell Don there are better ways of dealing with things. He got threatened by Don with deletion several times. Tron did not like what Don was doing and was simply trying to discuss the matter as Don had promised all these matters would be discussed on the open forum. He did not swear at Don and neither had I . If Don had not asked for feedback and opinions I never would have said anything nor would have tron on the open forum. But since Don was making Anthony a matter of discussion on the open forum I went for it. Now, I really had only talked to Anthony a few times over the years. We were cordial but that was it. I did not stick up for Anthony because he was a close friend I did it because he was being dragged through the town square and getting beat up by a bully and everyone watched with no help in sight, it was not their fight and I understand that they did not want to get deleted, so I jumped in and confronted Don on his actions and then Teflon Tron jumped in then YN resigned as Dons Chief Moderator over the matter and jumped into the fight as well and the Poor Lama was also deleted simply for standing to close to those who challenged Don.

As these matters were unfolding we planned on starting a new forum to go to. He could delete us and thousands of post we made on the TOG, but he can not stop us from hanging out with our like minded Talon loving friends. Many of you saw what was going on and watch this train wreck unfold and started to jump off and Don still does not understand it was his public berating of Anthony that led to this entire mess. If he and kept his grudge with Anthony an off forum matter and not used his power to due so in public none of this would have happen. If Don were smart he could have banned Anthony quietly behind the scenes and that would have been that. But it was the public humiliation of Anthony that was his goal and a couple of his toadies danced around in glee giving him high fives.

Almost the entire TOG active membership have been in contact with me or YN, Tron and Anthony as well as Lama, lending us their support of the situation. We love these guys and welcome them all. You all know us and we have talked for years. I hope to continue and keep the spirit going and provide a place with the help of Anthony and others like Tron, YN, Lama and all of you guys where we can come and have a good time visiting, joking and discussing guns and other nonsense and can feel safe doing so.

So ends my long winded post.

Thanks and Long live the Talon Airgun Forum!