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Oh yeah…
I forgot…None of that had to do with Air Rifles… 😳

Unless I am going to be like the Piper and charm the Rodents in.
All the Rats will come to Rap and Red Squirrels will Rock like Red Rockers.


Incase anybody wonders my Rack had today
A shure wireless system in it that I can use if necessary.
Two Roland SDE 3000 Delays
One Roland SDE 1000
Two Furman PQ4 Parametric EQ’s. These things make the sound big time. Try looping through the amps send and return a Parametric EQ or even a MXR or BOSS EQ pedal and see the difference on what it will do with your amps sound. Much better than going through the instrument input in the front. The Parametric EQ will scoop out some mids and boost the bottom end and it seems like until you cross that path you really didn’t realize how mushy your prize amp sounds without it.
I also have an MXR Blue Face Flanger Doubler. Highly sought after and very smooth clean sound made back in the early 70’s and MXR stopped making em ….oh around early 80’s.
Just basics really… but it rocks with my Randall’s!!