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Ha Ha… Alright Rabbits. I think I need psych help or meds. Today I was feeding one by hand. Im not that farking old mate. Only 45. There not supposed to come that close yet.
The Floyd band is Genius. All the best bands came from England or that area of the world anyway. Stones,Floyd,The Who,… Beatles<… The Zeppelin!!
I saw Randy Rhoads play in 1981 three months before he died. I still have my ticket stub and my California Friend Chris went to his funeral in California. I enjoyed the Ozzy years from Randy Tommy Aldridge Rudy Sarzo and The Ozz. But that was actually the band that did the tour. Those two album recordings had two guys original that were in England.
Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake. Now Tommy Aldridge got the gig and I really don’t know what transpired all that but Tommy Aldridge is my all time favorite drummer mainly for his approach. I like many others and Im not saying he is the best. I just like him the best myself. I went to one of Tommy’s Drum Clinics and got to talk to him and he is just awesome when he lays the sticks down and does his hand routine. the only other guy who did that was Bonzo.
Randy is great but when he does the Sabbath material you have to remember that Toni and his machining accident and history and approach to the musicallity of Sabbath is still untouchable. I have seen the Sabb’s twice and it is really cool! And yet Randy’s material like Mr. Crowley and Revelation (mother Earth) is also bery unique.
It is too bad Randy was only with us for a short time. I have played guitar for 30 years. I also play drums and here are some shots of my current rig. I can groove anything from Zeppelin to Pantera! I dig the Dimebag. In fact I play Randall Amps and Dean Guitars. Check out my Drums also.
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in Blue Sparkle fade with two 24″ kicks.
My drums are modeled after my main influences which are Bonzo and Ian Paice of Deep Purple and Mr. Tommy Aldridge. I used to listen to Tommy play with Black Oak Arkansas back in my years in Elementry school.
Take a peak…
I bet that Squirrel would want to live in my bass drum until I step on the Pedal!

I make a superb Dimebag signature speed knob if anyone here needs a set for their guitar. I ripped the guts out of the pedal board so I could fit what I use in the damb thing.
I simply like to rock and I do.

Always remember this. Bands come and go… the most important thing is,is that you play. Follow your heart.