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This guy I work with was doing a 200 yard bench rest shoot. This rifle he was using was one of those colored high dollar bench rest models where the trigger is about 3 oz and it is just one of those real fine shooting rifles with all the fine machining to go with it,… once he came to work and showed me his paper. It had 3 holes on it. The hole in the middle was where 3 bullets went through the same hole at 200 yards. Then he pulled one slightly. Then there was one hole over a bit and I said “what happened here”?. He said look at it…. I still didn’t get it…
But then he clued me in and showed me that the hole had blood on it and he pulled it over there because at 200 yards he noticed a fly on his paper so he hit the fly at 200 yards.
Then he handed me another target and it was tighter and he said if the 5th shot went through the same hole it would have been a new 200 yard world record.
But I remember that fly he dusted at 200 yards with ..Im not sure what caliber they were using with that..