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308 is gone….moved on to .457…max power was with my own valve, but in a leap of good faith i sent it to the UK for Emouse to have a look at , and never got the darn thing back…it did produce 701 fps with 405 grain which is 442 fpe

in the videoclip the valve is from blodnop, especially made for this rifle….how ever the valveseat is just a tad too big, and im having a real hard time knocking it open, so it needs 2 hands to cock….max power so far is 414 fpe, version two of the bigbore blodnop valve should be in the making so soon a bit more power should be within reach

the valve does not dump in the clip….its just the noise of the pellet striking the pc and camera mic maxing out…..and then something falls off the pc and hits the quaterinch steel plate backstop making the “dooong” noise

i belive i can get 5 good shoots at about 400 fpe out of it…but im going for all out…i want to see 500-600 fpenot shure its possible though…but we will see 🙂