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My main goal is moderate power with consistency. However I believe that with 10+ cm3 regulated chamber size and hiflow valve design it will provide near max power (standard talon).

Calculations are based as following:

1cm3 & 100bar = 10J ( 7.5 in king’s domain 😛 )

We have 140+ bar and 10+ cm3 so if we get even 30-50% efficiency for regulator chamber exhaust it is still quite decent power. Valvestem has longer movement than standard (upto 3-4 mm). Lowpower returnspring and little more mass in tophat makes open-position last longer. Also the bottle pressure is not closing valvestem. And it is always possible to add little extra length for reg chamber.

Basicly it is possible to use 4500psi bottle since the regulator is not dependent of primary pressure. The construction should be able to handle many times that pressure. So even if regulator breaks (=spring discs break or piston get’s stuck) the regulator chamber will not break. Afterall the refill happens through that same chamber so it HAS to be strong enaugh. And if something fails the 0.2mm hole in bleeding valve is final safety. It will slowdown air bleeding from bottle. Propably will take almost half minute if not longer for whole bottle to empty.