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Once you figure out how to deal with that recoil (I shot that BEAST and know it will take some getting used to!) it will be nice to see some long-range groups. You should try to get to this one Cygnus. Eric said he could most likely hook-up a hunt at the same time.
I know you were feeling like wrapping that thing around a tree until Leroy said “I don’t know what more you want out of this thing” and asked you to join him in checking out a nice group he shot with it.
That rifle of yours is one bad motor scooter!!! I had forgotten those bullets weighed that much.
CygnusX’s BigBore has a bit more that 604fpe. Those 500 grainers were over bore size in diameter; meaning .460-.461 or so. If they were properly sized to, say, .458.
I can’t even say. I little fps gain is a lot of power when your talking about a 500grain bullet! 😯 😈