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Your picture clip is a crack up man! 😛
I went and shot my Savage .177 HMR at some Squirrels this weekend and man it was a blast. It blew their guts out. Then I called this Coyote out and I lured him into me about 25 yards away and I shot him with the 17 HMR but he still ran off. At that range I should have hit his face! But anyway it was a good excuse to go buy and order a Savage FP-10in .233 Cal with a cool Choat Sniper stock.
Next time I hit that bastard he is not going to run any where!
Next time I will bring my camera too so I can get some cool shots of what that HMR does to Mr. Rodent! They don’t run back in their hole nor do they even drop down in their hole from above a stick pile if you hit em solid with it.
That was fun!
I want to do it again!