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Yellow Ninja this is for you. If you use the proper pellet the .45 909 is PLENTY enough for deer out past 50 yards.

Anyone that doubts the capability of a big-bore airgun to take down big game needs to give P&P processing in Oklahoma a call. Just ask him what he thought about the damage done to the ram I shot with my .45 airgun.
When I arrived at the end of the weekend to pick up my ram meat he greeted me by saying “now what did you say you shot that ram with again?” I replied “a .45 caliber airgun”. He just could not fathom an airgun causing such destruction, saying that the ram appeared to have been shot with a 30-06 producing an area of bloodshot meat on the exit wound that was as big as a pie pan.
Here is my representative Black-Bellied Barbados Ram. I felt no need to measure the horns as he is a trophy no matter what in my mind. His skull will be plated in pewter with his cape hanging below on the wall.