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Hi guy…
Did your Talon arrive yet. Just for thought I bought a Talon SS .177 cal to start with and it shot with beautiful speed and accruacy! I probably shot about 50 to 70 shots with the power setting at around 7 to 8 with a 200 bar charge.
Lot of fun to shoot righ out of the box. I could group 7 rounds in a dime at 40 and 50 yards. When I would fill my tank I noticed it had according to the meter on the scuba tank about 1000 psi in it.
So After looking at some of the fine work by Anthony 266 I decided to ship him my rifle and let him install a cool custom recoil butt on the tank. Jewel my tank and trigger screws. Rebuild my Hammer and rebuild my valves. And a nice long shroud to quiet it up.
To say the least I was very pleased. I also noticed I get a bit more for my tank charges now too with the tighter tolorances from Anthony’s machining.
Anthony also made me a cool custom 21″ Lothar walther barrel in .22 cal.
I almost forgot that part. I really like the gun before the modifications and I enjoy the hell out of it set up the way I want and currently what I am doing now in .22 cal.
Power speed and accruacy!! Shoot your new Talon a while and see what your shooting needs my evolve too.
Weather you plan to modify things or keep it stock it is a winner all the way around in my book! The main thing I was after was quiet with my modifications and Mr.266 did an outstanding job. You would not beleive all the noise it doesn’t make now. If you need any help with any of this stuff my experience has been very nice here at this forum. Here is my rifle…
Take a peak..