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As i thought ,i had to make a new hammer shear 😡 ,the shear engaged and locked but only needed to be breathed on ,to let the hammer go! So i made a new one with the hole drilled in the right place and it works fine . Nice and crisp ! …….well i say fine 😕

Not having a stealth to look at is a major pain, the problem ive got is that when the trigger is pulled and the hammer moves forward , the middle shear rubs against the hammer shear ,stopping the hammer shear from being sprung back to its start position (ie below the mid shear to be locked by the hammer once cocked again).
First pic shows the shear engaged

2nd pic shows arfter the trigger is pulled and the mid shear stuck on the hammer shear

Now theres a simple answer to this and that is , do i need the elongated hole in the hammer shear? is that why is like it is , (i thought it was for the safety catch) because i thought i d be clever and just drill a staight hole 😀