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quote Riverside:

I hear what you are saying HO but “Fun” can have unintended consequences that are hardly worth the potential bullshit factor

When I was young….I had “fun” doing many things that were stupid, dangerous, ill advised, potentially impregnating, and not in my long term best interests. But, it was EXCITING!!! Made my eyes bug out, my heart beat fast, gave me chills, caused remorse, regret, guilt, and reflection upon my actions at a later date.

The next week I went out and did the same things, and it was even more fun, because I know how to do it better and quicker! Eventually, I learned how to do some of these things safely…..well, not actually “safely”, but at least less dangerously.

“Fun” is the antidote to boredom. If you’re not pushing the edge, you’re not really alive.

If someone wants to live a “safe” live, they should become a Nun. Or do like WOK does, engage only yourself in Social Intercourse, in a darkened room, with an environmentally friendly lubricant!

I absolutely do not want to die a slow natural death.

Kindest regards,

Uncle H 😯 😯 T