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quote Shadoh:

Mike, if you ever have any intentions of making a new valve or buying one of the high performance valves available then you should do that first

You’re propably right. I haven’t done valve yet because I don’t have spare tank yet and don’t want to rip standard tank open. All the mods I have done so far are undoable and I would like to keep it that way. I have looked other tanks and think I found one. 800ccm 200bar with decent dimensions for 40รขโ€šยฌ and will purchase it any time soon.

quote Shadoh:

One big question though. How did the leather compare to the rubber O-ring you had in there in reducing hammer slap? Leather is something Ive suggested for a long time on this and other forums but I think you are the first one to try it out. Im really curious to hear your feedback.

Yeah. I even remember you said that and I thought otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚
Well. The rubber was propably ok but I initially thought it acted too much like a suspension taking the power away. Now with leather I think it was not the case afterall. I had just reached the powerlimit already.

The leather ring is bigger and with heavier hammer the impact velocity is less so there is less slap. Also the bigger hammer absorbs the sound better. I think there is not a big difference between leather or O-ring.
O-ring is easier to make precice and with good slot it is better secured and don’t need glue. I didn’t do any exact sound measurements but there is not a big difference and both definetelly works.

Didn’t see any effect about consistency either but that could be because the biggest accuracy factor is still behind the gun ๐Ÿ˜†

rabbits; I have now 29FPE and have heard that it’s about the limit of standard valve?

harry; I think my standard Talon has valve from older batch. Gonna make my own design soon. There is long winter coming and evenings starts to became dark already. So when there’s no time for shooting it’s time for even more modding ๐Ÿ™‚