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The way you bulk fill a pistol is to cock the gun to open the valve.

This doesn’t make sense…. Cocking the gun does not open the valve on a 22xx. The valve is spring loaded and will only open when the hammer strikes the valve stem.

Ooops…your right I said it back wards.

The gun should be “decocked” and filled and chilled. Then “cocked” to fill.

Sorry bout the confusion.

That still doesn’t jive… you would have to actually fire the gun numerous times in succession to get the spring loaded valve to depress. Just by decocking it, the hammer doesn’t press against the valve stem hard enough to push it in and release gas.

EDIT: O.K. I see what you’re saying, but even with the hammer decocked, as the pressure builds up, it will close the valve unless you just let the Co2 trickle in very slowly.