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quote Joe from WV:

I am saving my money for a PCP and the Condor was first in line, but the more I hear about valves and hammers and trigger mods. I don,t know if this is a proven product or not! I don,t know what Adam of SOCO and Tony and the rest of you old timers know about this PCP business, it is starting to look like a black hole to me for money. Maybe you can see my side of this thing, I guess $600 or $700 is not that much if you say it fast, but it is for me. Is out of the box good enough or just the starting point! Can you shred some light on this please. Joe

Joe, my honest opinion is…
if you really dont want to fiddle with hammers, valves, springs, and chronys, get a career or a sumatra. with those you reasonably shure it will be OK out of the box.
This things… well, they ARE pretty good, once you get them all “improved”, i LOVE my condor, but it took a LOT of effort, time, money, and help from the good folks in this forum and the old one (TOG), to get it to work OK.
If you get one, be ready to work on improving everything from the crappy ergonomics, the cumbersome safety, grips, etc. that is, assuming you get the luck of it working ok out of the box.

P.S. i hope no one gets upset with my comments (this IS an airforce forum after all), but it is my honest opinion.