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I bought a 7 x 14 MicroLux mini-lathe back in Feb. —
variable speed/reversable, digital RPM readout and english zero adj. dials/feed screws. I have done a few “accuracy mods” to it and can easily get within 0.001″ and to within 1/2 a thou. on some operations now. I even made a COOL vertical milling attachment for < $50! Great little machine for the money! These mini-lathes are VERY popular and there is an abundance of spare parts and tooling–at a good price too. The only problem I’ve had was when I crashed the carriage into the end stop when threading—cost me about 5 bucks for a new leadscrew gear!
There are MANY superb webpages dedicated to these mini-lathes and machining in general. I am very happy with this machine! :mrgreen:

quote Skybones:

but how do you chuck 1.5″ dia. stuff in it,and have it stay put with a 5/8 spindle bore…lock the pc in the chuck and have the tailstock keep it pushed into the chuck?

I use a ball bearing steady rest to machine long pieces.
After a simple mod. it will accept 1 1/2″ round!
Or I have a “Live” tailstock center for not so long pieces.
This mini-lathe also comes with internal AND external chuck jaws.