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quote Shadoh:

I think its a good idea except for the hammer catch spring pushing up on the barrel.

You lost me?

Anyway, I went for a different mod. The plain brass against frame in earlier hammer worried me so I made another temporary solution before figuring out the best hammer.

I was aiming for 75grams but the darn thing went under. 74.98grams exactly 😀 I know I’m gonna miss those 2/100 grams for sure…

The slides are POM and pressed into inside drafted (conical) surface so you can’t take them away without tools but more importantly they won’t come out by themselves. I finalized (turned and grinded) the POM outer surfaces after they were attached for perfect precision.

There is also spring guide on the back on the POM slide. In the front there is place for leather anti-slap plate designed so that the POM slide itself will never touch the breech sleeve but the hit is taken by leather “diffuser”. (sorry about the terminology. I’m too tired and can’t think proper words in english currently :D).