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So the 12″ in the short talon frame, does that stick out the end? Either way, you would lose any silencing properties that the a SS has, right? Buying a SS and a 18″ barrel seems better than buying a Talon and a 12″ barrel.

12″ barrel will be 1″ inside std. Talon frame. Not enaugh for heavy silencing but you would get the shortest and most compact version.

I choosed Talon over SS because I wanted 18″ barrel. It provides slightly more power (25-30fpe compared to 30-35fpe) but what was more important for me is that it also uses air more effectively (more shots and less sound if you don’t count frame). For SS and 18″ barrel you would still need external silencer or extender. So it’s a compromise (or preference) either way.

quote Slimbones:

mcMike, that is freakin sweet. have you compared that to off the shelf (or net) products?

Thx. I don’t know if there are any off the shelf products as a frame-extender but for a commercial silencer I believe DIY-extenders are better just because of the volume is much bigger and that is the most important thing for (airgun) silencer. You can play with different baffles and soft material as much as you want but without volume it’s all minor tweaking. There is _very_ little difference in sound between stripper-cones and that vortex-chamber in pic above.

My short experience with silencers are that volume comes first above everything. Then comes some soft material to kill the pitch from blastwave and then baffles. And then somewhere there is the bushning and frame venting. Do realise that they provide quite minor addition to volume compared to big extender itself.