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Managed to finish of the grip inspite of havinga pretty busy day.

Putty was rock solid and I tested it to make sure it would’nt come loose and require glueing but it stayed put.

I just used a dremel with the small round metal bit and a low speed to make the surface match up the grip finish. Let the bit walk all over and be as random as you can. It hardly took anytime and came out looking way better than I’d hoped.

Had to rush to work so I just used the flash so the pics could be better, tomorrow I’ll put it on the gun and take some naturally lit pics.

Mike – I guess it does look like a lot of work, but it really isnt. Luckily I had all the stuff I needed laying around my shop anyway and I’d guess a lot of guys will too. Even if you dont the extra stuff doesnt cost more than $10. Total time on the grip (not including sitting on my ass waiting to get around to doing things and for paint to dry etc) was about 1 hour MAX. Its not that hard to do either, but if you make a mistake its easily fixed. When I was drilling the hole wider for the threaded rod I went all the way through to the outside of the grip. A bit of card backing and epoxy fixed that.

Thanks to Adam for saving me a LOT of time before I finally woulda figured out to just use the putty.