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Very nice indeed!
Do you pop a lot of critters with the pistols?
hey I have a question for you and anyone else here…
I have thought of getting a springer in .177 Cal just to have maybe one springer among my little collection. Because I am not really a springer fan actually but I would like maybe one decent springer to play with from time to time.
So my choices were after looking and thinking a toss between
1. Beeman R1
2.Beeman R11
3.RWS 54
All in .177 cal.
Then I heard Thomas Gaylord mention that he thought the Air Arms TX-200 MK III was perhaps the finest production springer to buy. Now all of these rifles have the same price range. The British TX-200 has a Lothar Walther 10 to 11″ barrel with a shroud all machined the rest of the way. That I liked! It is a under lever cocker which seems to feel nice according to reviews. The Wood stock is also very nice and feels real well to shoot and most all reviews on it seem to very nice except for one guy who claimed he had a rust problem but he did like the way it shot.
I was going to get the Beeman R1 until I caught wind of the TX-200 MK III and Gaylord even mentions of a guy who modifies it in some ways and then he calles it the MKIV and MK V.
Are any people here familiar here with these rifles. The RWS 54 makes some noise. I like QUIET. 😀
The Beeman R11 has no reviews that I can find. The Beeman R1 has great reviews and long history but I like the thought of some English Shrouding on the TX-200. Probably not real quiet but my instincts seem to say that it will be pretty smooth.
What do you think guy..?