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One piece bushing is exactly what I had in mind when I first got my rifle!

Think it’s already been done by CygnusX. When he first suggested he was going to do it I was happy someone with tools (unlike me 🙁 ) was going to attempt it. Don’t remember hearing anymore though.

I’m sure he’ll chime in soon.

Definitely lends itself to greater stability and could be made shorter to allow longer free floating section.

I’ve also been looking at new ways to move the rear bushing more rearward, eg no preload spacers, and a hammer that runs on the breech profiled area (this needs to be lengthened). This would allow the hammer to be shorter as it would naturally be heavier per unit length. I’d originally wanted Tungsten for this as a 100g hammer would only need to be 15mm in length 😯 but sadly Tungsten is WAY too expensive. I devised another way of reducing hammer length with lighter materials though if anyone’s interested in trying it.