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quote JFK:

Guys, I sucked it up and bought a new valve. Unf**kin’ believable. 1st shot, 3K fill was 1140 FPS with a Crosman Accupell. I’m not happy at having to pay $105 but I’ve tried everything else to make it work properly and now I’ve found it. I now find myself trying to settle it down a bit. Well worth the money, this seems to be the answer to the Condors problems. Bitching, moaning and complaining (like I did) won’t cure your Condor like this new valve has. Just offering my $.02. JFK

Forgot to mention: I have an Anthony266 110 gr hammer, nothing but the best.

Thats great to hear. Now go out and kill something with it. 😆
Now send that old condor valve back to airforce with postage due and tell them next time do it right to begin with.