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Ive just finished ( as long as i dont crap the slot cutting ) something for Rabbits , so he will show you something differant in a few weeks or more. So havent managed to do anymore to my gun, but il be back on it at the weekend. The foam ive used before and worked well was the stuff you put on bike cross bars to stop you doing damage to yourself . It carves quite well .Il have to make a new LDC core to test out wether theres any differance in sound levels 😯 but il have ago and at the mo i just want to get the valve done and shoot it . On top of that ive got my FT style butt plate to complete 😯 . Blodnod has kindly helped me out with the valve ,and hopefully in another two weeks i should have it finished 😯 . Theres just not enough time……… 🙁