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quote Mr-lama:

I sent an email and explained how mine won’t shoot 100% correct all the time and seeing if I could get a new one. I asked nicely. Nothing mean. Just said that I would like the new one because mine doesn’t work. Here is their reply.

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Dear Sir,

The high flo valves costs $105.00 if you would like to purchase one. You will also need the new striker weight to work effienctly with the new valve. This item is $5.00.

If you would like to place an order for these item you will need to contact our office at our toll free number 1-877-247-4867.

Yes, you should have been able to fill the air tank to 3000psi and receive full power shots just as we advertise. We are sorry you did not contact us regarding this matter as soon as you had the problem. Our rifles have a lifetime warranty as long as you are the original owner and have done no modifications.

Thank you

They can bite me. Stupid AF. 👿

Your response should be Gaylord told your gauge was not reading the correct pressure and it had no fill problem. He lied to you and they should replace it due to this fact.