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quote DanoInTx:

The plan right now is to make a few more pistol stocks for sale or trade or whatever works out. I am not ever going to get rich off of these things because I can’t churn out 10 a day or whatever. If someone was to contact me, I would make them one for an agreed upon trade/price. Right now I have a complete pistol stock that is shorter and more artistic and curvy. I plan to put that one on the classifieds in a day or so. The next batch will probably start this coming week and I plan to make about 3-4 of them, but they will take some time because I still have not put together any good jigs and each one at this point is an original from start to finish. If you are interested in one send me a PM, maybe we can put something together for you….or wait to see what I post and buy one that is already complete. They generally take a couple weeks from when I start to when it ships.

Thanks, dan mate i can,t awit to c what u come out with the next one . more artistic is what i love to c .i,m hopeing to get this lefthand set finnished this week and get ma next full length one started soon after .keep up the good work mate atb steven