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Here are couple of threads that might answer some questions…
August 25 2007, 11:58 PM

To make a long story short
-Dragon had a grudge against Anthony266from the Oykas fights
-TOG forum owner Dragon publically berate and besmirches Anthony266 on of his moderators in public.
– Dragon deletes Anthony266 without Anthony saying a word on the forum
– I confront Dragon and he threatens me and deletes thread
– Teflon Tron confronts Dragon for a his action against Anthony
– Yellow Ninja gives up his moderator status and confronts Dragon for his actions against Anthony266
– Dragon threatens deletion to all of us.
– Yellow Ninja make a momma joke about MR. Lama, I do to, so does Tron, we all are threatened with deletion.
– Lama says it is a joke and he is okay with it Dragon then berates Lama in public for not being offended
– Tron, YN and Walk on king confront Don again in answer to Dons post berating Lama a 16 year old kid BTW
– Tron, YN, WOK and Lama are deleted and so is every post they ever made which effected thousands of post.
– A plan to move to another forum was in the works
– The administration at the TOG hacks into all members files and is reading the privat messages and Instant messages which is a federal crime
– The administrator involved claimed he did it to spy on a member and found a message about another forum
– The administor involves deletes his post of admitting his action and then deletes his own account.
-One of Dragon other moderators tells him a fantastic fictional tale of a coup and Dragon believes it
– Many leave the TOG due to the crappy why people were treated and this forum was started
– So here we are and here a are a couple of links to catch you up to speed….