AirArms S510 Broken Baffles - Removal

Talk about the design and implementation of Moderators, Shrouds and Pickles along with other methods of quietening down air rifles. PLEASE NOTE: this is for air rifles and air pistols only, not Powderburners.

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AirArms S510 Broken Baffles - Removal

Postby phillipbradshaw » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:59 am

Gents, I am know this has been asked before but unfortunately the post I found is now so old that most of it has been deleted including the doubtless very helpful pictures. Question is on an AA S510, after the shroud has been removed, should the female insert at the muzzle end be removed to get to the baffles (and take them out) or should those pesky little grey doughnuts be poked out of the breech end?

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